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10 Rillington Place

Certificate 15
( Ten Rillington Place )
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Genre: Drama, Feature, Detective/Thriller, Biography, Adaptation Director: Richard Fleischer Release date: 03/04/1995
Runtime: 106 minutes Language: English Distributor: UCA
Richard Attenborough, Judy Geeson, John Hurt, Pat Heywood, Robert Hardy, Isobel Black, Phyllis MacMahon, Geoffrey Chater, Andre Morell, Ray Barron, Douglas Blackwell
Richard Attenborough takes the lead role in the true story of the infamous English mass murderer John Reginald Christie who killed 8 women over a period of 13 years. After moving in as tenants in Christie's house, Timothy Evans (John Hurt) and his wife Beryl (Judy Geeson) go to their landlord for help in obtaining an abortion. Christie agrees to do what he can, and uses this as an opportunity to murder Beryl, adding one more victim to an already lengthy list. When the frightened Timothy is then blamed for the crime, and found guilty in a court of law (with Christie acting as a witness), Christie is able to continue killing undetected.