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Certificate 18
( '10'; Ten )
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Genre: Comedy, Feature Director: Blake Edwards Release date: 29/07/1996
Runtime: 118 minutes Language: English Distributor: Warner Home Video
Dudley Moore, Julie Andrews, Bo Derek, Robert Webber, Brian Dennehy, Max Showalter, Dee Wallace Stone, Sam Jones, Rad Daly, Nedra Volz
Forty year-old Oscar-winning screenwriter George (Dudley Moore) attempts to combat a bout of mid-life crisis by pursuing the woman of his dreams (Bo Derek), even though he first sees her as she is making the way to her own wedding. Tracking the object of his affections to her honeymoon destination in Mexico, George makes several bumbling attempts at seduction, much to the chagrin of his long-suffering girlfriend (Julie Andrews). Blake Edwards' adult comedy was the surprise hit of 1979 and made a Hollywood star of 'Cuddly Dudley'.
Contains strong language and moderate sex
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