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Certificate 15
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Genre: Drama, Feature, Indie, General Movie/Drama, Adaptation Director: Rufus Norris Release date: 08/03/2013
Runtime: 91 minutes Language: Distributor: StudioCanal
Robert Emms, Cillian Murphy, Tim Roth, Eloise Lawrence, Rory Kinnear, Denis Lawson, Bill Milner, Lino Facioli, Zana Marjanovic, Nell Tiger Free, Lily James
An eleven-year-old girl finds herself exposed to the inequities of life in this rite-of-passage drama directed by Rufus Norris. With her mother having left the family home, Skunk (Eloise Lawrence) now lives in suburbia with her kind-hearted father Archie (Tim Roth), her brother Jed (Bill Milner) and Polish au pair Kasia (Zana Marjanovic). In spite of being a diabetic, Skunk refuses to be hamstrung by the disease and always approaches life with a smile on her face. But that all changes when she witnesses a violent attack on her neighbours' simple-minded son Rick (Robert Emms) by fellow neighbour Mr. Oswald (Rory Kinnear), who believes, wrongly, that he has raped one of his daughters.
Contains strong language, once very strong, strong sex and violence
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