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Computer Chess

Certificate 15
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Genre: Comedy, Feature, Indie, General Movie/Drama Director: Andrew Bujalski Release date: 22/11/2013
Runtime: 92 minutes Language: Distributor: Eureka
Myles Paige, Wiley Wiggins, Patrick Riester, Robin Schwartz, Gerald Peary, Gordon Kindlmann, Jim Lewis, Chris Doubek
Spoof documentary following a group of computer chess programmers as they meet up to test their software against one another. Set in the early days of artificial intelligence, the film was recorded over the duration of a weekend-long tournament where the winner has the opportunity of playing against human chess master Pat Henderson (Gerald Peary). While the chess nerds assemble to discuss the implications of the software they have designed, a group of sexually liberated married couples have met up at the same hotel and viewed together both groups offer a glimpse into the zeitgeist of the time.
Contains one scene of sexualised nudity
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