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Deep End

Certificate 15
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Genre: Drama, Comedy, General Movie/Drama, Romance, Feature Director: Jerzy Skolimowski Release date: 06/05/2011
Runtime: 91 minutes Language: English Distributor: BFI
John Moulder-Brown, Jane Asher, Diana Dors, Karl Michael Vogler, Christopher Sanford, Louise Martini, Erica Beer, Anita Lochner, Anne Marie Kuster, Cheryl Hall, Dieter Eppler
Jerzy Skolimowski writes and directs this comedy drama exploring the dangers of unrequited love. After leaving school, 15-year-old Mike (John Moulder-Brown) goes to work in a bathhouse where he meets and falls for fellow employee Susan (Jane Asher) who is ten years his senior. Mike is already envious of Susan's young fiancé Chris (Christopher Sanford) but the situation intensifies when he finds out that she is also having an affair. Driven mad by jealousy, Mike harrasses Susan, hoping that he will win her over. When they finally do get together, however, the consequences are disastrous.
Contains sexualised nudity
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