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East Of Eden

Certificate PG
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Genre: General Movie/Drama, Adaptation, Drama, Feature, Modern Classic Director: Elia Kazan Release date: 22/06/1998
Runtime: 110 minutes Language: English Distributor: Park Circus
James Dean, Julie Harris, Raymond Massey, Jo van Fleet, Burl Ives, Richard Davalos, Lois Smith, Harold Gordon, Albert Dekker
Elia Kazan's classic adaptation of Steinbeck's novel, set in a small farming valley in California in 1917. Two brothers rival for the love of their stern, over-bearing, widowed father. However, when Cal (James Dean), the rejected 'rebel' son, discovers that his mother is not dead but running a nearby brothel, he decides to tell his brother. This spiteful decision soon leads to the destruction of his relationship with his brother, who in a drunken frenzy runs off to enlist in an army unit being shipped overseas to the battlefields of France. Unable to bear the loss of his favourite son, Cal's pacifist father breaks down completely.
Contains mild violence and sex references
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