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Certificate 15
( Eurotrip: Unseen )
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Genre: Comedy, Feature Director: Jeff Schaffer Release date: 04/10/2004
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: English Distributor: DreamWorks Live Action
Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Kristin Kreuk, Jessica Böhrs, Cathy Meils, Travis Wester, Nial Iskhakov, Michelle Trachtenberg, Matt Damon, Vinnie Jones, Joanna Lumley
Gross-out teen comedy from the makers of 'Old School' and 'Road Trip'. Two American teenagers, Scott (Scott Mechlowicz) and Cooper (Jacob Pitts), head off on a madcap journey to Europe when Scott discovers that his German pen-pal, Mieke (Jessica Böhrs) is a buxom blonde. There they hook up with nerdy Jamie (Travis Wester) and his twin sister Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg), and many outlandish gags ensue as the hapless quartet land themselves in all kinds of weird and wonderful situations, from eating brownies in Amsterdam to bonding with English football hooligans. No one is safe: comedy potshots are taken at everyone from the Pope to the Nazis, and raunchy sex and nudity scenes abound. Matt Damon, Vinnie Jones and Joanna Lumley appear in cameo roles.
Contains strong language and sex references and moderate sex
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