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Certificate 15
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Genre: Drama, Feature, Romance Director: Michael Winterbottom Release date: 18/01/2013
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: Distributor: Soda Pictures
Johnny Lynch, Shirley Henderson, John Simm, Darren Tighe, Shaun Kirk, Katrina Kirk, Polly Kossowicz, Valerie Lilley, Peter Gunn, Dylan Brown
John Simm stars in this emotive drama charting the strains placed on a family relationship due to the father's incarceration. Filmed a few weeks at a time over a period of five years to accurately reflect both the protagonist's time in prison and the ageing process, the film follows Ian (Simm), an imprisoned drug smuggler, as he tries to preserve his loving relationship with his wife Karen (Shirley Henderson) and his family, whilst she struggles to raise their four young children alone. With the weekly visits by his family becoming ever harder to bear, and in spite of the day of Ian's release drawing nearer, the realities of an increasingly uncertain future exert added stresses as the couple fight to overcome their predicament.
Contains strong language
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