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Certificate PG
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Genre: Children, Adventure, Feature, Children's, Family, Action, Comedy Director: Hoyt Yeatman Release date: 31/07/2009
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: English Distributor: Walt Disney
Zach Galifianakis, Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell, Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz, Will Arnett, Jon Favreau, Kelli Garner, Steve Buscemi, Tracy Morgan, Loudon Wainwright III, Vincent De Paul, Gabriel Casseus, Niecy Nash
Disney adventure using a mixture of live action and CGI animation to tell the story of a team of secret agent guinea pigs which has been trained in espionage techniques and armed with the latest high-tech spy equipment in order to take on a covert mission for the US government. The team, known by code-name 'G-Force', includes ambitious squad leader Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell), fearless weapons expert Blaster (Tracy Morgan) and lithe martial arts genius Juarez (Penelope Cruz). Also along for the ride is Darwin's housefly sidekick Mooch and computer whiz Speckles (Nicolas Cage), a star-nosed mole. Can the gang prevent evil billionaire Leonard Saber (Bill Nighy) from taking over the world with a dastardly plan involving household appliances?