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Ghost Mom

Certificate TBC
( Bury Me in Niagara )
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Genre: Comedy, Feature Director: Dave Thomas Release date: 15/03/2008
Runtime: 85 minutes Language: English Distributor: Pegasus
Jean Stapleton, Geraint Wyn Davies, Shae D'Lyn, Dennis Akayama, Jayne Eastwood, Zachary Bennett, Ed Sahely, Bernard Behrens, Stuart Clow, Jeff Pustil
Comedy about a man whose mother has passed away. Mildred Mallory (Jean Stapleton) spent her life making guilt-giving an art form and meddling in science, and she has no intention of letting a little thing like death change her ways. When her ghost shows up at her own funeral, she explains to her somewhat surprised son (Geraint Wyn Davies) that he must move her body to Niagara within 48 hours if she is to get into heaven. With a coffin in tow and a country to cross they find themselves being pursued by the Japanese mafia who are after the magic stone which brought her back to life.
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