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Ghost Writer

Certificate 15
( Suffering Man's Charity )
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Genre: Comedy, Feature Director: Alan Cumming Release date: 24/11/2008
Runtime: 110 minutes Language: English Distributor: High Fliers Video Distribution
Alan Cumming, David Boreanaz, Anne Heche, Carrie Fisher, Jane Lynch, Henry Thomas, Karen Black, Maria-Elena Laas, Rachelle Lefevre, Ermahn Ospina
Black comedy horror, from debut director Alan Cumming, about a failed musician whose charity towards a struggling writer is taken for granted with devastating effects. Always ready to help those in need, especially handsome young men, music teacher Jonathan Vandermark (Alan Cumming) takes in a lodger, would-be writer Sebastian St. German (David Boreanaz). But when he discovers that Sebastian is taking advantage of the situation by sleeping with as many women as he can, while rebuffing his landlord's advances, Jonathan sees red. Determined to show the stud-about-town that charity begins at home, Jonathan sets in motion a chain of events that will have terrible repercussions for them both, in this life and the next.
Contains strong language, sex and violence
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