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Greek Pete

Certificate 18
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Genre: Drama, Feature Director: Andrew Haigh Release date: 04/09/2009
Runtime: 75 minutes Language: English Distributor: Peccadillo Pictures
Peter Pittaros, Lewis Wallis, Robert Day, Tristan Field, Barry Robinson, Liam Thompson, Rachel Whitbread
Director Andrew Haigh's graphically honest docudrama focusing on the men who work in London's gay escort scene. The film follows Pete (Peter Pittaros), whose ambition is driving him on towards his goal of being the best in his profession, and of being nominated for escort of the year at the 'World Escort Awards' in Los Angeles. Arriving in London with the aim of securing a decent flat and some classy promotional photos to help trade, Pete's goals soon become diverted when he starts a relationship with fellow escort Kai (Lewis Wallis), who quickly finds he doesn't like sharing with Pete's clients.
Contains strong real sex, nudity, sex references and drug use
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