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Guilty Of Romance

Certificate 18
( Koi No Tsumi )
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Genre: Foreign, General Movie/Drama, Feature Director: Shion Sono Release date: 30/09/2011
Runtime: 112 minutes Language: Japanese Distributor: Eureka
Miki Mizuno, Makoto Togashi, Megumi Kagurazaka, Cynthia Cheston, Motoki Fukami, Shingo Gotsuji, Kazuya Kojima, Satoshi Nikaido, Ryuju Kobayashi
Japanese thriller in which the discovery of a sex worker's mutilated corpse unravels a dark tale of dual lives and false respectability. The investigations of police officer Kazuko (Miki Mizuno) into a gruesome murder lead her into making the acquaintance of two women with dual existences. Izumi (Megumi Kagurazaka) is the wife of a successful romance novelist whose boredom with married life gradually leads her into a second life as a sex worker. Mitsuko (Makoto Togashi) is a university professor by day who works the streets at night. Kazuko believes the intersection of the lives of these two women holds the key to the murder, but can she unravel the mystery before further tragedy strikes?
Contains strong sex, sexual violence, sexual fetish scenes & injury detail
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