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Hükümet Kadin

Certificate 12A
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Genre: Comedy, Foreign, Feature Director: Sermiyan Midyat Release date: 08/02/2013
Runtime: 105 minutes Language: Turkish Distributor: Turkish Films International
Demet Akbag, Sermiyan Midyat, Mahir Ipek, Gulhan Tekin, Burcu Gönder, Riza Akin, Ercan Kesal
Sermiyan Midyat directs this Turkish comedy starring Demet Akbag as a domineering woman who unexpectedly finds herself in charge of a small town. Xate (Akbag), a mother of eight, is married to the mayor of Midyat. When an unexpected turn of events leads to her taking over her husband's role, there is chaos and confusion in the town. The men of Midyat are unused to taking orders from any woman other than their wife, but Xate is determined to impose herself on the town. How will she fare in her new role?
Contains moderate sex references and mild bad language
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