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Certificate 18
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Genre: Drama, Feature Director: Patrice Chereau Release date: 04/02/2002
Runtime: 115 minutes Language: English Distributor: Fox Pathe
Mark Rylance, Kerry Fox, Timothy Spall, Alastair Galbraith, Philippe Calvario, Marianne Faithfull, Susannah Harker, Fraser Ayres, Deborah McLaren, Rebecca Palmer
In modern day London a barman and a married woman meet every Wednesday afternoon to have anonymous sex in his flat. Gradually the man, Jay (Mark Rylance), and the woman, Claire (Kerry Fox), find out about each other's real lives, and Jay even befriends Claire's husband Andy (Timothy Spall). Jay first thinks that he is using Claire, and is surprised to find that in fact it is her who is using him; meanwhile, Andy guesses the truth about Jay, and Claire tries to gather the strength to give up the affair.
Contains strong sex scenes and strong language
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