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James Bond: Ultimate Red Triple Pack

Certificate TBC
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Genre: Action, Feature Director: Guy Hamilton, Lee Tamahori, Terence Young Release date: 27/11/2006
Runtime: 350 minutes Language: English Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Roger Moore, Jane Seymour, Yaphet Kotto, Clifton James, Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, John Cleese, Earl Jolly Brown, Judi Dench, Julius Harris, Toby Stephens, David Hedison, Gloria Hendry, Rick Yune, Geoffrey Holder, Rosamund Pike, Tom Lane, Michael Madsen, Sean Connery, Samantha Bond, Ursula Andress, Lon Satton, Colin Salmon, Bernard Lee, Roy Syewart, Kenneth Tsang, Joseph Wiseman, Arnold Williams, Jack Lord, Lois Maxwell, Eunice Gayson, Anthony Dawson, Zena Marshall, Michel Mok, Yvonne Shima, James Bond
Triple bill of James Bond adventures. 'Die Another Day' (2002) is the 20th Bond film, and Pierce Brosnan's fourth outing as 007. Bond has spent the last 12 months in a North Korean prison after being captured whilst on assignment by government agents, and when he is finally freed his superiors are worried that he will not be up to the job. That is until Bond discovers that one of his former captors, Zao (Rick Yune), has teamed up with the evil Gustav Graves (Toby Stephens) and the pair plan to put the fate of the entire world in jeopardy. Bond must once again save the world whilst also keeping his quota of glamorous women in tow (Halle Berry and Rosamund Pike), using the gadgets provided by Q (John Cleese) and travelling the world in the most expensive cars. Madonna provides the theme tune and also has a cameo role. Sean Connery debuts in the 007 role in 'Dr No' (1962), the first Bond film. The suave secret agent is sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder of one of his colleagues. It transpires that the island is being used as a base for the terrorist organisation SPECTRE, who, under the guidance of the despotic Dr No (Joseph Wiseman), have developed technology to divert rockets launched from Cape Canaveral. The first big-screen outing for 007 features original Bond Girl Ursula Andress emerging from the ocean in memorably revealing swimwear. Roger Moore plays 007 for the first time in 'Live and Let Die' (1973). The mission this time is to crack a voodoo-controlled drug smuggling racket in the Caribbean, and Bond sets about the task with his customary verve, finding time for speedboat chases and crocodile encounters along the way. Admirable support is offered by Clifton James, as an irate Southern-States Sheriff, and Jane Seymour, as a Voodoo Queen whose power disappears when she loses her virginity by sleeping with Bond.
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