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Certificate 12
  • 3D
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Genre: Sci-Fi, Detective/Thriller, Fantasy, Feature, Sci Fi Director: Doug Liman Release date: 25/12/2007
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: English Distributor: 20th Century Fox Home Ent.
Hayden Christensen, Samuel L. Jackson, Diane Lane, Jamie Bell, Rachel Bilson, Michael Rooker, Max Theriot, Jesse James, Anna Sophia Robb, Tom Hulce, Kristen Stewart
Sci-fi action blockbuster with Hayden Christensen as a young man able to teleport himself to any place on earth. After discovering he has a genetic anomaly that allows him to teleport wherever he wants, teenager David Rice (Christensen) embarks on a hedonistic lifestyle of girls, money and travel, indulging his every whim, and using his power to fund his desires. It's not long, however, before he discovers that others share his power, and that the underground community of 'Jumpers' are being targetted by 'Paladins', a group dedicated to their destruction. Pursued by a Paladin named Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), Rice and fellow jumper Griffin (Jamie Bell) soon find themselves fighting for their lives as their sworn enemies close in.
Contains one use of strong language and moderate violence
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