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Genre: Modern Classic, Drama, Family, Classic, Feature, Special Director: Ken Loach Release date: 17/06/1996
Runtime: 106 minutes Language: English Distributor: Park Circus
David Bradley, Lynne Perrie, Colin Welland, Freddie Fletcher, Brian Glover, Geoffrey Banks, Eric Bolderson, Bob Bowes, Trevor Hesketh, Joey Kaye, Robert Naylor, Peter Conner, Danny Fowler, Jack Regan
Acclaimed drama from director Ken Loach following a young boy from a working-class Northern town who begins training a falcon to find relief from his problems. Billy (David Bradley) appears to have little hope in his life. He is bullied by his brother, Jud (Freddie Fletcher), and neglected by his mother, while his inability to pay attention at school suggests he is destined for a future spent working in the harsh conditions of the local mine. The discovery of a young kestrel falcon is an important event in his life. Caring for and training 'Kes' becomes a positive way for him to express himself and, with the help of his English teacher, Mr Farthing (Colin Welland), Billy even begins reading books on falconry so he can take better care of his pet. However, as the problems at home continue, will Billy be allowed to develop his natural affinity with Kes?
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