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Certificate 12
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Genre: Bollywood, Feature Director: Rakesh Roshan Release date: 29/05/2007
Runtime: 180 minutes Language: Hindi Distributor: Eros International
Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Bhanupriya, Amrita Singh, Govinda, Neelam Kothari, Kader Khan, Saeed Jaffrey
Bollywood family drama. Sita Sinha (Sushma Seth) has brought up her son Bihari (Shatrughan Sinha) and his friend Amar (Jeetendra) as her own. The three are very close to each other, and when they grow up they maintain their friendship and love for each other. Amar marries wealthy Jaya (Bhanupriya), and Bihari marries a labourer (Amrita Singh). Amar's father, Mr Saxena (Saeed Jaffrey), does not like Bihari, and schemes to separate them. He succeeds, and Bihari is humiliated. Bihari blames Amar, and swears to bring about his downfall at all costs...
Contains moderate violence
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