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Life As We Know It

Certificate 12
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Genre: Comedy, Feature Director: Greg Berlanti Release date: 08/10/2010
Runtime: 114 minutes Language: English Distributor: Warner Home Video
Katherine Heigl, Christina Hendricks, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, Hayes MacArthur, Jean Smart, Jessica St Clair, Melissa McCarthy, Alexis Clagett, Brooke Clagett, Sarah Burns, Britt Flatmo
Comedy drama starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. Holly (Heigl), a budding caterer, and Eric (Duhamel), a sports director, find themselves the guardians of Sophie (Alexis and Brooke Clagett), the daughter of their best friends who have died in a car crash. Holly and Eric, who are both single, are often in disagreement with one another, but they must find a way to get along for Sophie's sake. With Sophie's upbringing their main concern, Holly and Eric slowly realise that they are becoming a family, despite their difficulties.
Contains moderate sex and drug references
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