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Life In A Day

Certificate 12
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Genre: Documentary, Feature, Indie Director: Kevin MacDonald Release date: 17/06/2011
Runtime: 95 minutes Language: English Distributor: Scott Free Productions
Cindy Baer, Mojca Brecelj, Matthew Irving, Caryn Waechter, Drake Shannon, Shahin Najafipour, Boris Grishkevich, Hiroaki Aikawa, Ester Brym Ortiz Guillen, Bob Liginski Jr, Cec Marquez, Ayman El Gazwy
Kevin MacDonald directs this feature-length documentary comprising a montage of real-life clips from around the world, all filmed on 24 July 2010. Intended as a cinematic time capsule, the film weaves together fragments from the lives of people of all ages and different nationalities as they work and play, connect and communicate, give birth and die.