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Mister John

Certificate 15
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Genre: Drama, Feature, Romance, Indie, General Movie/Drama Director: Joe Lawlor, Christine Molloy Release date: 27/09/2013
Runtime: 95 minutes Language: Distributor: Artificial Eye
Aidan Gillen, Claire Keelan, Michael Thomas, Zoe Tay, Molly Rose Lawlor, Michael Walsh, Ashleigh Judith White, Janice Koh
Contemporary drama starring Aidan Gillen. A victim of his wife's infidelity, Gerry (Gillen) leaves his home in London for Singapore where he is to take care of his recently deceased brother's business and family. Very quickly he integrates himself both physically and emotionally into his brother's life, but with responsibilities at home including his wife and child he is tasked with making the decision about which life to stick with...
Contains strong language and sex references
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