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Quest For Fire

Certificate 15
( La Guerre du Feu )
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Genre: Drama, General Movie/Drama, Feature Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud Release date: 25/09/2006
Runtime: 96 minutes Language: English Distributor: Second Sight
Everett McGill, Rae Dawn Chong, Ron Perlman, Nameer El Kadi, Gary Schwartz, Christian Benard, Matt Birman, Frank Olivier Bonnet, Bibi Caspari, Peter Elliott, Terry Fitt, Brian Gill, Robert Lavoie, Michelle Leduc, Kurt Schiegl
Groundbreaking drama from French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, set 80,000 years in the past, where a primitive tribe desperately guards their most valuable possession - fire. After an attack from a neighbouring tribe, the fire is put out. Lacking the knowledge to kindle their own flame, the tribe sets out on an epic journey across a prelapsarian wilderness to find another source of fire. The body language of the tribe was created by noted anthropologist Desmond Morris, while acclaimed writer Anthony Burgess assisted a team of linguists to create the primitive spoken language.
Contains strong sex and violence
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