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Certificate 18
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Genre: Drama, Feature, Foreign, General Movie/Drama Director: Laurent Bouhnik Release date: 05/12/2011
Runtime: 103 minutes Language: French Distributor: Axiom Films
Déborah Révy, Hélène Zimmer, Gowan Didi, Johnny Amaro, Johan Libereau, Jean-Francois Gallotte, Brice Fournier, Christelle Benoit, Patrick Hauthier, Léticia Belliccini
Erotic drama in which the lives of a group of teenagers are profoundly affected by the sexual promiscuity of a young woman. Cecile (Déborah Révy) has recently lost her father and is struggling to move on with her life. The only way she seems able to find escape from the pain is through seeking out superficial sexual encounters. Her quest brings her into the lives of Alice (Hélène Zimmer) and her boyfriend, Matt (Gowan Didi). Frustrations lurk beneath the surface of the pair's relationship. Alice, who struggles with overbearing parents, has the opposite problem with Matt: he is reluctant to make a commitment to her. The arrival of Cecile, who appears the very symbol of desire, threatens to bring the couple's troubles to the surface. Will their relationship survive?
Contains strong real sex
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