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Robin Hood

Certificate U
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Genre: Children, Animated Movie/Drama, Animated Feature, Children's, Family Director: Wolfgang Reitherman Released: 1973
Runtime: 83 minutes Language: English Distributor: Walt Disney
Terry-Thomas, Peter Ustinov, Brian Bedford, Phil Harris, Monica Evans, Andy Devine, Pat Buttram, Carole Shelley
Disney-animated version of the Robin Hood tale, with Robin characterised as a fox, Allan-a-Dale a rooster, Little John a bear, Friar Tuck a badger and the Sheriff of Nottingham a wolf. Robin and his merry band rob from the rich and give to the poor while England is ruled by the corrupt King John (voiced by Peter Ustinov) - whose snake advisor Hiss looks and sounds suspiciously like Terry-Thomas!
Contains mild slapstick violence
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