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Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse

Certificate 18
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Genre: Comedy Director: Justin Cartwright Released: 1978
Runtime: 84 minutes Language: English Distributor: Not Available
Debbie Ash, Caroline Argyle, Beryl Reid, John le Mesurier, Arthur Askey, Leslie Ash, Christopher Ellison, Liz Fraser, Patricia Hodge, John Junkin, Peter Mantle, Lance Percival, Ian Sharp, Jeremy Sinden, David Timson, Bob Todd
This exemplary piece of mid-70s rudeness features a number of British comic stalwarts double-entendring their way through a big-screen game of doctors and nurses. Rosie Dixon (Debbie Ash) is a trainee nurse doing the rounds at Queen Adelaide's hospital. Sharing digs with a sex-mad toff (Caroline Argyle), Rosie finds no respite from the leering and letching as she carries out her medical duties. John Le Mesurier features as a long-suffering senior consultant, Beryl Reid as his Matron sidekick and veteran music hall entertainer Arthur Askey as dirty old man Mr Arkwright.