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Shadow Hours

Certificate 18
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Genre: Thriller, Feature Director: Isaac H. Eaton Release date: 27/08/2001
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: English Distributor: Prism Leisure Corp. Plc
Peter Weller, Balthazar Getty, Rebecca Gayheart, Peter Greene, Michael Dorn, Richard Moll, Frederic Forrest, Brad Dourif, Corin Nemec, Johnny Whitworth
Now that his wife is pregnant, Michael Holloway (Balthazar Getty) has chosen to leave drugs and alcohol behind and begin a new life. But when he is approached by a stranger (Peter Weller) researching the background material for his upcoming novel about the darker side of drugs, Michael agrees to help and descends once again into the nocturnal underworld where the temptations very often prove too great to resist. Can he keep his life on track or will the dangerous seductions of the darkside claim him one last time?