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The Inbetweeners

Certificate 15
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Genre: Drama, Comedy, Feature Director: Darren Paul Fisher Release date: 10/09/2001
Runtime: 91 minutes Language: English Distributor: 4 Front Video
Finlay Robertson, Kate Loustau, Sarah Vandenbergh, Toby Walton, Johnny Ball, Lynn Edmonstone, Kate Kennedy, Jane Peachy, Gary Fannin, Mark Patterson, Andrew Legge, Claire Lichie
Twelve first-year students (six girls, six guys) are put into the same halls of residence and soon begin fancying each other rotten. As the weeks go by, they seem to forget that they came to university to study and dedicate themselves instead to fooling around, having sex, and getting drunk and stoned at every available opportunity. Nevermind, they're sure to knuckle down when exam time comes around ... or will they?
Contains some strong language and moderate sex and drug references
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