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The Inner Life Of Martin Frost

Certificate TBC
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Genre: Drama, Feature Director: Paul Auster Release date: 07/09/2009
Runtime: 94 minutes Language: English Distributor: Axiom Films
David Thewlis, Irene Jacob, Michael Imperioli, Sophie Auster
Paul Auster's psychological drama stars David Thewlis as a writer who becomes enchanted by a strange otherworldly female. After retreating to the countryside on the publication of his latest novel, successful author Martin Frost (Thewlis) wakes to find a mysterious, beautiful woman, Claire (Irene Jacob), in bed beside him. Claiming to be the niece of the owner, her story is blown when Martin receives a call from his friend who owns the house. Letting the mystery of her past drop, Martin finds himself falling in love with his uninvited guest, who seems to know his inner thoughts. But as he embarks on the writing of his new book, inspired by his muse, Claire begins to suffer ill health. The more Martin writes, the more Claire's condition worsens...
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