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Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie

Certificate 15
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Genre: Animation/Cartoon, Science Fiction, Feature, Animated Feature Director: Martyn Pick Release date: 17/06/2013
Runtime: 74 minutes Language: Distributor: Platform Entertainment Limited
John Hurt, Sean Pertwee, Steven Waddington, Terence Stamp, Donald Sumpter, Ben Bishop, Christopher Finney, Gary Martin
CGI-animated feature that sets out to bring to life the universe of the 'Warhammer 40,000' game series and includes the vocal talents of Terence Stamp, John Hurt and Sean Pertwee. It is the 41st century and mankind's survival hinges on the protection offered by genetically enhanced soldiers known as Ultramarines. However, when a distress signal is received from one of the Imperial Shrine Worlds, even the formidable fighting skills of the Ultramarines look set to be put to the test. Awaiting them is an enemy so fierce it appears to have vanquished the company of Imperial Fists stationed on the planet. Will the Ultramarines be tough enough to handle the unexpected enemy that awaits them?
Contains strong violence
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