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Certificate 15
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Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction, Feature Director: Kurt Wimmer Release date: 30/10/2006
Runtime: 88 minutes Language: English Distributor: UCA
Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund, Sebastien Andrieu, Ida Martin, William Fichtner, Ryan Martin, Ricardo Mamood, Kieran O'Rorke, Steven Calcote, David Collier, Digger Mesch
Thriller set in the late 21st century. A vampire-like disease called hemophagia creates a subculture of genetically-modified humans. These humans have enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence. As they are set apart from 'normal, healthy' humans, the world is pushed to the brink of worldwide civil war aimed at the destruction of the diseased population. In the middle of this crossfire is an infected woman, Ultraviolet (Milla Jovovich), who finds herself protecting a nine-year-old boy who has been marked for death by the human government as he is believed to be a threat to humans.
Contains frequent strong violence
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