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Vacancy 2 - The First Cut

Certificate 18
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Genre: Horror, Feature Director: Eric Bross Release date: 16/03/2009
Runtime: 82 minutes Language: English Distributor: UCA
Agnes Bruckner, David Moscow, Scott G. Anderson, Arjay Smith, Trevor Wright, Beau Billingslea, Brian Klugman, Juanita Jennings, Nelson Lee, Gwendoline Yeo, Judy Durning
Prequel to the 2007 'torture porn' horror film 'Vacancy'. When three young people (Agnes Bruckner, Arjay Smith and Trevor Wright) check into the Meadow View Inn for the night, they have no idea that the motel is run by sick-minded snuff movie exponent Mr Smith (Scott G. Anderson) and his sadistic accomplices. Will the trio get out alive?
Contains strong bloody violence, some sexualised
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