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Certificate PG
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Genre: Foreign, Feature Director: Alejandro Agresti Release date: 21/06/2004
Runtime: 104 minutes Language: Argentinian Distributor: Metrodome Distribution
Carmen Maura, Rodrigo Noya, Mex Urtizberea, Jean Pierre Noher, Julieta Cardinali, Alejandro Agresti
Alejandro Agresti's film is semi-biographical in that it centres on an eight-year-old boy growing up in Buenos Aires during the mid Sixties. Valentin lives with his eccentric grandmother (Carmen Maura) while his divorced father (played by Agresti) lives in the city and only visits occassionally. Valentin's male role models are men from the village he lives in but his grandmother is not really the ideal mother-figure. So he sets about finding a woman who would be a suitable mother and wife for his father. His target is one of his father's many girlfriends; but the relationship is jeopardised when Valentin tells her some of his father's secrets.
Contains mild language and sex references.
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