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Certificate 18
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Genre: Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, Feature, Sci Fi Director: John Bruno Release date: 06/12/1999
Runtime: 95 minutes Language: English Distributor: Platform Entertainment Limited
Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Joanna Pacula, Marshall Bell, Sherman Augustus, Cliff Curtis, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Yuri Chervotkin, Keith Flippen
During a savage typhoon, the crew of a salvage tug discover a seemingly deserted Russian military vessel. Everton (Donald Sutherland), the tug's captain, and Kit (Jamie Lee Curtis), his navigator, manage to restore the power, only to discover a surviving scientist who begs them to turn the power off and abandon the ship. It then emerges that the ship has been taken over by a hostile and elusive alien lifeform determined to destroy the 'virus' that is mankind.
Contains strong horror and gore
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