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Vows Of Deception

Certificate 12
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Genre: Thriller, Detective/Thriller, Feature Director: Bill L. Norton Release date: 14/04/1997
Runtime: 90 minutes Language: English Distributor: Infinity Limited
Cheryl Ladd, Nick Mancuso, Mike Farrell, Michael Woolson, Nancy Cartwright, Vyto Ruginus, Cody Tucker, Cady Huffman
Detective Matt Harding sets up his attorney friend Clay Spencer on a blind date with pregnant ex-convict Lucinda for a joke. The gag backfires when the two fall in love and, regardless of Matt's hints about the woman's past, Clay marries Lucinda. She then sets about spending his money and seducing his son, Nick. When Clay finds out and makes plans to get rid of Lucinda, he is found murdered, with a bullet from Nick's gun. It is up to Matt to prove Nick's innocence and put Lucinda behind bars before it is too late. Starring Cheryl Ladd and Mike Farrell.