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Certificate 15
( XX (Ekusu Kurosu) - Makyo Densetsu )
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Genre: Foreign, Feature Director: Kenta Fukasaku Release date: 19/01/2009
Runtime: 90 minutes Language: English, Japanese Distributor: 4Digital Asia
Nao Matsushita, Ami Suzuki, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi, Ayuko Iwane, Nozomu Iwao, Kyoji Kyoji, Rikiya Koyama, Yoshiyuki Morishita
Two women have to flee from a village of psychotic killers in this Japanese horror from director Kenta Fukasaku. Helping her friend Aiko (Ami Suzuki) recover from a break-up, Shiyori (Nao Matsushita) takes her to try out a local hot-spring resort. The picturesque village at first seems the ideal location, but when Shiyori receives a phone call warning her that her life is in danger if she remains, she decides to heed the advice. Trying to effect her escape, Shiyori soon realises that the apparently friendly villagers are actually a group of homicidal murderers, and that one especially frightening figure is wielding a razor-sharp pair of outsize scissors, and headed her way...
Contains strong horror and violence
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