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Certificate 18
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Genre: Thriller, Feature Director: Allan Moyle Release date: 04/06/2001
Runtime: 105 minutes Language: English Distributor: Cinema Club
Stephen Baldwin, Pascale Bussieres, Kim Coates, Kyle MacLachlan, Tom Rack, Arnold Pinnock, Sean Devine, Charles Powell, Judah Katz, Janet Kidder, Larry Day, Andreas Apergis
In a world where new bio-technology experiments have enabled people to transfer their minds into the bodies of another person, they can now 'travel' to anywhere in the world, using their mind and having it transmitted instantly. When a powerful CEO is murdered by anti-corporate terrorists, Stefan Toffler (Stephen Baldwin) is called to investigate. Unknowingly, he is transported to San Francisco into the body of the head terrorist, with the terrorist in his own body and on the run. Teffler has only two days to find 'himself' or die.