Absolutely Fabulous: The Complete Series 4

  |  Buy to Own: 19/11/2001
  |  174 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Absolutely Fabulous: The Complete Series 4 Film Poster


Six more episodes from Jennifer Saunders' revived satire on the world of magazines and fashion. In 'Parralox' Edina is tempted to use a Botox-like miracle face-lift product recommended by Patsy, in order to look young for a Richard and Judy appearance. In 'Fish Farm' Edina falls for her hunky gardener who also happens to be heir to a fortune, or so she thinks... In 'Paris' Edina needs Saffy to join her for a mother-daughter photo shoot in Paris, if Saffy can make it through the pre-shoot shopping trip. In 'Donkey' Edina decides her body shape needs a makeover so it's hello to a detox diet. In 'Small Opening' Edina has to confront the double-edged fame of inclusion in Saffy's autobiographical first play. Finally in 'Menopause' Eddy and Patsy face up to their age, however briefly, and join the local group of Menopausals Anonymous, but it's not all plain sailing...