Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime: The Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 09/02/2004
  |  620 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
Agatha Christie's Partners In Crime: The Collection Film Poster


The complete collection of 11 episodes of the adventures of Agatha Christie's light-hearted 1920s sleuthing duo, Tommy and Tuppence Beresford (James Warwick and Francesca Annis). In 'The Secret Adversary', a feature-length episode, old friends Tommy and Tuppence find themselves unemployed and penniless at the end of World War One. They decide to advertise themselves as 'Young Adventures Ltd', ready to go anywhere and tackle any crime... for the right price. Their first engagement comes in the form of the British government, whch wants them to discover the whereabouts of Jane Finn - a young woman believed to have in her possession various top secret documents - who has not been seen since she was rescued from the sinking liner 'Lusitania' several years earlier. In 'The Affair of the Pink Pearl', the duo are asked to investigate the disappearance of a pink pearl during a dinner party at Colonel (Graham Crowden) and Mrs (Noel Dyson) Kingston-Bruce's house. In 'The House of Lurking Death', the Beresfords are asked by Ms Lois Hargreaves (Lynsey Baxter) to find out who sent her a box of poisonous chocolates. In 'The Sunningdale Mystery', Tommy is convinced the police have arrested the wrong man for the murder of a retired naval officer found dead on a golf course. 'The Clergyman's Daughter' sees Tommy and Tuppence investigating frightening goings-on at a country house, which the clergyman's daughter has attributed to a poltergeist. In 'Finessing the King', Tommy and Tuppence come across a personal ad and decide to crack the code - only to find themselves mixed up in a murder case. In 'The Ambassador's Boots', the duo are asked by the US Ambassador to Britain to look into something that happened to his luggage whilst on a journey in the country. In 'The Man in the Mist', a beautiful actress, Gilda Glen (Linda Marlowe), sends a note to Tommy asking for his help. However, when the Beresfords go to the agreed meeting place, they find Gilda dead... In 'The Unbreakable Alibi', the duo are asked to help a wealthy man win a bet with a beautiful art journalist: if he wins he will marry her, if he loses he will never see her again. In 'The Case of the Missing Lady', a polar explorer (Jonathan Newth) asks the sleuthing duo to help him find his missing fiancée, who vanished without trace while he was away on his latest Arctic expedition. Finally, in 'The Crackler', Scotland Yard call Tommy and Tuppence in to help with a high society fraud case.