Airline: The Complete Series

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  |  450 min
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All nine episodes of the 1980s ITV series following the adventures of a WWII pilot who decides to set up his own air freight business in the aftermath of the war. Unlike most people, Jack Ruskin (Roy Marsden) isn't happy to see the back of the war. While flying combat missions he developed a love of flying that makes civilian life seem dull and uninspiring in comparison. He and a friend from his flying days, Peter Witney (Richard Heffer), decide to set up their own business delivering cargo via flights to feed their love of aviation. However, they will face any number of issues trying to set up and maintain the business as a profitable enterprise. Episodes are: 'Look After Number One', 'Brave New World', 'Conscience', 'Touch and Go', 'Fool's Errand', 'Captain Clarke Plus One', 'Not Much of a Life', 'Officers and Gentlemen' and 'Too Many Problems'.