Ally McBeal: Season 2 - Episodes 12-22

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Closing eleven episodes from the second season of the popular American sitcom. In 'Love Unlimited', Ally defends a woman whose husband is trying to have their marriage annulled on the grounds of mental incompetence. 'Angels and Blimps' sees Ally retained by a little boy who wishes to sue God. In 'Pyramids on the Nile', Fish announces an unlikely appointment as the firm's latest attorney. 'Sideshow' finds Ally suffering from a personal crisis and making some life-altering decisions. In 'Sex, Lies and Politics', Ally feels guilty over her relationship with Billy. 'Civil War' sees rumours about Ally and Billy spreading through the firm, while in 'Those Lips, That Hand', Billy and Georgia attempt to patch up their marriage. 'Let's Dance' sees Cage's self esteem improved as a result of his birthday gift from Nelle. In 'Only the Lonely', the firm employees gather at Ally's house to celebrate the marketing of Elaine's 'face bra'. 'The Green Monster' sees Greg ignoring Ally's calls, while Billy resents the attention that Georgia attracts in the office following her wardrobe revamp. In 'Love's Illusion', Ally wrestles with the concept of true love, while 'I Know Him by Heart' sees her coming to the heart-breaking realisation that there is no perfect man out there waiting for her.