Ally McBeal: Season 4 - Episodes 1-11

  |  Buy to Own: 11/02/2002
  |  550 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


The first eleven episodes from the fourth season of the popular comedy-drama based around the antics of America's zaniest legal practice. In 'Sex, Lies and Second Thoughts' Ally rethinks her relationship with Brian Selig. 'Girls' Night Out' has John take on the case of a woman who has been accused of sexual harassment. 'Two's a Crowd' sees Ally date two different men. 'Without a Net' finds Ally on trial for defamation of character. 'The Last Virgin' has Kimmie sue for wrongful termination of contract when her employers decide to get rid of her because of her puritan attitudes. 'Tis the Season' sees John and Ling represent a TV newsperson whose on-air statement that Santa Claus does not exist lead to subsequent dismissal. 'Love On Holiday' finds Elaine in the dock when an ex-employee takes exception to her strange inventions. In 'The Man With the Bag' Ally is none too happy when Larry's ex-wife pays a visit. 'Reasons to Believe' has John help out on a high-profile murder case. 'The Ex-Files' sees Larry kiss his ex-wife, thereby causing Ally much distress. And finally, in 'Mr. Bo', John meets Melanie's homeless father.