Appleseed XIII: Complete Series Collection

  |  Buy to Own: 07/10/2013
  |  283 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


All 13 episodes of the anime set in a post-World War V landscape where the survivors of the catastrophic war seek to secure their future. What hope there is appears to reside in the city of Olympus, but with the future of the settlement at stake agents Deunan (voice of Maaya Sakamoto) and Briareos (Kôichi Yamadera) embark on a vital anti-terrorism operation to try and counter the threat. The episodes are: 'The Nemean Lion', 'The Augean Stables', 'The Ceryneian Hind', 'The Cattle of Geryon', 'The Cretan Bull', 'The Erymanthian Boar', 'The Stymphalean Birds', 'The Mares of Diomedes', 'The Girdle of Hippolyta', 'The Lernean Hydra', 'The Apples of Hesperides', 'The Capture of Cerberus' and 'Paradeisos'.