Dirty Mature Women

Rated TBC by the BBFC
Dirty Mature Women Film Poster


Box set of three adult titles: 'Candy Cottage' has a farrago of combinations, including teen girls with mature ladies and big boys with fulsome women. It's a skin smorgasbord and no combination is forbidden - have your desert with your hors d' oeuvres if you're so inclined. 'Dirty Mature Women' could have the tagline 'she could be your mother', as the mature (read: over 25) women of the world take back the night. Or at any rate a portion of a silk-sheeted king-size bed inhabited by a muscly, tattooed young buck. If that wasn't enough to get you phoning Help the Aged's complaint hotline, 'Dirty Mature Women 2', features yet another gaggle of grannies fit for grabbing.