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  |  85 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC


1960s seminal spaghetti western originally banned in Britain starring Franco Nero as the outlaw who drags a coffin with him wherever he goes. Django (Nero), an ex-Yankee soldier, arrives in a US-Mexico border ghost town with speed-of-light gun skills, a romantic heart and an enigmatic morality. He gets involved in the feud between two opposing bandit gangs, one led by Major Jackson (Eduardo Fajardo), the other by Hugo Rodriguez (José Bódalo). Holding Jackson responsible for the death of his wife, Django seeks revenge by teaming up with Rodriguez in a plan to steal the major's gold. But when Rodriguez becomes unwilling to cooperate the situation gets out of hand leaving Django to rely on his sharpshooting to make it out alive.

Contains moderate, bloody violence
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