Sexual Persuader Breeders Cynthia & The Pocket Rocket

Rated TBC by the BBFC
Sexual Persuader Breeders Cynthia & The Pocket Rocket Film Poster


A fourtet of raving adult action. 'Sexual Persuader' follows Colt (Colt Steele)as he returns to his hometown and to the bosom of adoring bunch of old friends. Soon, however, the bosom takes over and friendliness takes second place as he gets a name as the hottest ticket in town. 'Breeders' features a parade of comely and lithe young things performing the act required to breed with great alacrity but with anything but procreation on their minds. 'Cynthia And The Pocket Rocket' has nothing to do with intergalactic exploration. Rather the explorations are all decidedly earthly as Cynthia, wife of '50s inventor Harry, is the tester for his prototype 'personal massager'. 'Thai Me Up' features a bevy of Southeast Asian beauties from the land of smile, permisiveness and green curry. These obliging, olive-skinned lovelies will quite literally bend over backwards to please.