Suzuka: Volume 3

  |  Buy to Own: 21/04/2008
  |  100 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC


Episodes 11-14 of the TV anime series following an amorous young man chasing his dream girl. Studious lad Yamato Akitsuki gets into a good school in Tokyo but it means leaving his rural home and living in 'The Big Onigiri' with his aunt. Yamato's aunt runs a local 'sento' or public bath house and it's a ladies-only one. All goes well for the lad until he meets a girl at school called Suzuka Asahina whose beauty ensnares him utterly. She's the most popular and attractive girl in school so if he's ever to win her attentions, it'll be with no little competition.To his initial joy, he finds out she lives next door to the sento where he lives with Aunt Obaasan. His life will never be the same again. Episodes comprise: 'Showdown', 'Misunderstandings', 'Lips' and 'Blessings'.