The Dirty Secretary 3 - Underpaid And Oversexed

  |  75 min
Rated TBC by the BBFC
The Dirty Secretary 3 - Underpaid And Oversexed Film Poster


Raunch-fest featuring girls made to look like administrative assistants, as they are in fact called nowadays. If you like your ladies with pinned up hair, glasses they don't really wear, stockings and suspenders under a business suit and if you prefer to watch them 'do business' on a desk or photocopier rather than a bed - welcome home. Specs perched carefully on the end of their noses, Miss Smith pretends to attend to official business on her empty clipboard - until the boss notices, finally, how cute she is under all that plain Jane official-ness. Next thing you know, the disguise is lying in a crumpled heap, the clipboard is in the bin, the boss is making a pretzel out of Miss Smith and Mrs Adams from accounting is on her way up for a three-P on that ominous couch in the Boss's office.