The Hollow Point

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A heavily stylized mixture of modern western and bloody thriller set on the US/Mexico border. 'The Hollow Point' sees US-based Spanish director Gonzalo Lopez Gallego seeking to bring a new angle to the bad men in the Badlands genre. As homage, the film is visually striking, littered with moments of real cinematographic intelligence, and always watchable, which makes a brave stab at fusing the intensity of noir with the standard pleasures of the Western. New sheriff Wallace (Patrick Wilson, Bone Tomahawk), with 'good guy' seemingly chiselled into his firm jaw and clear eyes returns to his godforsaken border town to try and tackle the trafficking of ammunition, which the bad old sheriff Leland (Ian McShane) has failed to do: legally-bought bullets are being bought in bulk in Arizona and smuggled across the border for use by Mexican criminal groups. It's a Tarantino-esque crime thriller punctuated with gripping violent moments, vibrant lead performances and great support from Lynn Collins, James Belushi and John Leguizamo. Premiered at Edinburgh Film Festival. USA 2015 Gonzalo López-Gallego 97m Thanks to Altitude Films