The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse

  |  Buy to Own: 03/10/2005
  |  90 min
Rated 15 by the BBFC
The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse Film Poster


Big screen version of the cult British television comedy series, set amongst the eccentric residents of the twisted northern town of Royston Vasey. When misanthropic vicar Bernice (Reece Shearsmith) discovers a prophecy that warns of the destruction of Royston Vasey, the 'locals' discover that they are in fact fictional creations of the 'League of Gentlemen' comedy troupe. Making their way through a mysterious portal into the real world, murderous butcher Hilary Briss (Mark Gatiss), embittered businessman Geoff Tipps (Shearsmith) and sinister pederast Herr Lipp (Steve Pemberton) confront their creators in an effort to force them to continue writing about Royston Vasey. Shearsmith, Gatiss and Pemberton are more interested in their new creation however, a Restoration-era horror called 'The King's Evil', where three Catholic conspirators, aided by the mysterious Pea (David Warner), plot to kill the Protestant King (Bernard Hill) by creating a devilish homunculus. When Hilary Briss and Geoff capture Steve Pemberton to force him to write more Royston Vasey material, Herr Lipp masquerades as him and begins to find a new sense of belonging with his wife (Emily Woof) and family. Convincing the remainder of the League to travel with them through the portal, back to the ravaged Royston Vasey, all three stories crash together in an apocalyptic, disaster-movie showdown.

Contains strong language, sex references and comic violence
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